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Boupon in association with Black Startups offers a range of Ready-to-Launch Online platforms that are focused on serving the specialized needs of the Black Community. The e-commerce platforms include African-Caribbean groceries, barber shops, hair salons and hair care products, as well as body care and wellness services providers and product suppliers. Working examples of each type of business are provided: working examples of each type of business on the following e-commerce platforms:  Africarib.caBlaxters.caBlackHairandBeauty.ca, and Earthsource.ca.

These particular businesses were strategically selected due to their significant impact on the Black Community and with the exception of hair styling, these types of businesses have predominantly been operated by entrepreneurs from other racial backgrounds. This disparity underscores the urgent need for the Black Community to become empowered to achieve economic self-sufficiency in producing its essential goods and services within its own community. The lending practices of major financial institutions have played a role in perpetuating this inequality.


The e-commerce platforms cost between $6000 to $10,000 and financial assistance is available.  With a modest down payment of $1,200, the business can be up and running. The remaining balance can be repaid over a span of 2 years, allowing for the business to grow to cover the costs from its generated income*. Detailed information on the repayment plan is provided.


The market analysis and detailed benefits of each platform are included in their product descriptions, here. Each platform includes vital training in e-commerce, along with comprehensive marketing and advertising support. Imagine starting the business that you have dreamed of as a way of becoming income-sufficient using an accessible business model that comes with all the support to enable you to achieve success!

*Projections of expected income are subject to uncertainty.

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