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Most frequent questions and answers is a Call to Action to members of the Black Community to prioritize buying and Selling within their own community to increase the prosperity of the individual and the community as a whole.

Earn, Spend, Save & Prosper is the essence of Business Owners and Sellers EARN by selling discounted goods and services. Buyers SPEND on the deals and SAVE and all members PROSPER!

Follow easy steps to EARN, SPEND, SAVE and PROSPER:

  1. Register,
  2. Share with friends, family, followers and contacts,
  3. Submit a quick spending survey, and
  4. Signup as a Vendor to sell


  1. We offer services in partnership with to start and grow your business.
  2. Affiliates earn up to 15% commission.
  3. Churches and Community Groups Supported.
  4. Donations Program to Fund Online Businesses for disadvantaged Black Youths.
  5. Early Investors are welcome.

Boupon is a platform that supports the economic prosperity of the individual as well as that of the Black Community as a whole.

Business Owners and Sellers EARN by selling discounted goods and services. Buyers SPEND on the deals and SAVE and all Boupon members PROSPER!

By becoming a Black Affiliate and using social media to promote the goods and services of the Black Owned Businesses on, members of the Black Community can empower themselves and earn up to 15% commission, as well as contribute to the economic empowerment of their community. 

The Black Community as a whole will benefit and PROSPER from the increased employment and income of its members which will result in increased self esteem, pride and empowerment within the Black Community. 

 Boupon is a platform for Black Business Owners to sell their products and services to the Black Community through deals and coupons.

Boupon will directly supply services and products which are of strategic value to the Black Community. is still in its registration stage and is currently onboarding sellers.

The Black Amazons store is the first of our sellers to onboard and it brings value to Boupon members by selling products that are trending on Amazon for up to 75% less.

Boupon is also currently deploying services and products that are of strategic importance to the Black Community as a whole such as Ready to Go Online Businesses that serve the Black Community in groceries, hair and body care products.

The tool for accessing your email contacts for sharing Boupon News is safe and has passed rigorous approval processes by Google and the other email platforms from which you are able to access your contact lists.

A Boupon Foundation Member demonstrates support for the Boupon concept with an initial contribution of $20 or more, if they so choose, after signing up. This will help Boupon with the costs of growing the platform, such as remunerating our hardworking affiliates and keeping the selling fees at a low minimum in order to attract vendors.

Boupon Foundation Members will receive acknowledgment and special rewards as the platform grows and it is hoped that they will eventually become shareholders in Boupon.

Boupon provides quality assurance for the products and services sold on the platform by partnering with BOBs Bureau, which is a membership based organization for Black Owned Businesses that helps to promote good business practices for its members to follow.

BOBs Bureau will also help to mediate customer service complaints on behalf of its members.

Boupon sellers who are  members of BOBs Bureau and have attested to their Customer Service Assurance Standards  will be identified with a verified badge on Boupon. Learn More…

The leads generation program offers businesses the opportunity to partner with Boupon to supply the goods and services which Boupon users request or identify in various surveys. Learn More…

We also have a program to obtain donations towards funding Ready to Go Online Businesses which are donated to disadvantaged youths in the Black Community. We are obtaining candidates for these businesses, and anyone is able to nominate a candidate.

As well, candidates can nominate themselves and there will be an evaluation process prior to making awards.


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