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Participating in the
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For Christmas

Business Owners List
Your Deals & Coupons

Start and grow your business with community support

Spend Your Money Within
the Black Community

Key to having a strong, vibrant, and resilient community

Communicate Your Christmas Spending Plans Now

Create business and employment opportunities in the Black Community

Market Makers can Earn 15% Commission by Generating Sales

After registration, obtain coupons and promotional resources for the products you want to promote

Connect To Groups
and People in the Black

We intend to partner with and support Churches and community groups

Let Us Know If You Want to be an Early Investor in this Platform

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Black MarketPlace & Social Networking



Black MarketPlace & Social Networking




Register and become a member of the platform to sell and EARN income, SPEND your money within your own Community, and Save from the reduced prices and deals. As a Result, both You and the Black Community will PROSPER.

Share the News​

Let your followers and contacts know about the platform. That is the way all social media platforms grow. This will help you and the Black Community to PROSPER.

The share via email tool below enables you to select individuals from your contact list or to invite your entire contact list. We comply with relevant privacy legislation and will not contact people on your contact list. We will only communicate with those people who choose to visit the platform and register.

Share Christmas Spending Plans

Let Your Giving Also Benefit
Your Community

Christmas is usually a time when resources flow out of the Black Community because our Christmas spending is not within the Community. We should turn that around.

Share what you intend to SPEND on this Christmas, this will provide an opportunity for the business owners on the platform, or anyone on the platform, who wants to EARN an income, to display deals that can help you SAVE. You can choose to engage with the sellers of the deals displayed to you. As a result, both you and your Community will PROSPER.

Register, then Share How You Plan to Spend Money this Christmas

By letting us know what type of goods and services you plan to spend your money on over Christmas, we can show you the deals that business owners and members of the Black Community are offering in these areas. This is an excellent way of promoting business growth and employment within the Black Community.

Market Makers or Affiliates

Market Makers or Affiliates are an important feature of this platform. They desire to earn an income and search the platform for deals and coupons they feel they are able to promote to their friends by word of mouth or on online networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Commission on sales is agreed on by the Market Maker with the seller, and special coupons and banners are provided that enable the tracking of the affiliate commission.

Commission rates for Affiliates can be up to 15% or higher, depending on what is agreed with the seller. Being an affiliate could be very lucrative for someone who is seeking a primary or additional means of income such as students. It is also an excellent way to start a business by identifying needs and sourcing products and services to satisfy those needs.

Business Owners

This platform is an excellent opportunity for members of the Black Community to start and grow businesses. Any member will be able to sell on this platform after registration.

However, in partnership with, we provide specific services to encourage and support the startup and growth of Black Businesses. We have a service to launch new businesses and their products on the platform to enable them quickly build a customer base within the Black Community.

This could be considered as a one-step marketing solution which should be much more cost-effective than spending an enormous amount of time and resources on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We can also include the creation of a website in this service.

As well,, has developed Ready to Launch Businesses to serve the Black Community in foods and groceries, and hair and body care products. You are able to start selling on the platform using a Ready to Launch Businesses model and use your demonstrated earning viability to support an application for funding to grow your business under the Black Entrepreneurship Fund.

There would be little out-of-pocket costs, only filing fees are payable upfront. are paid from the loan proceeds and receives no payment if a loan is not obtained. Talk to

Vendor Registration

Boupon welcomes vendors to our Black MarketPlace, an online platform which serves the Black Community by enabling members to Earn, Spend, Save and Prosper! Sellers benefit by earning income from a ready market and buyers benefit from spending on deals and coupons to save money. Consider a Drop Shipping service to help you start selling now!

Account Details

Business Details

Business Contact

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Church & Community Giving

Church and Community Giving are Important to the Black Community.

Our Main Strategy is focused on serving the Black Community and giving back and there will be significant engagement with the Church and Community Groups in shaping our strategies going forward.

As well, 20% of our shares will be held in a trust to be administered for the benefit of the Black Community.

The Black MarketPlace is currently identifying Church and Community Leaders to sit on our Board to help direct these important strategies.

Early Investors

We strongly believe that our platform will meet with success to enable a successful Initial Public Offering, IPO, probably on the Canadian Securities Exchange in a few years.

Investors who invest early in a successful start-up company can make considerable gains when these shares become listed and traded on a stock exchange.

However, with all business ventures, the future success of such ventures is uncertain.

Let us know if you wish to learn more about investing with us to establish the Black MarketPlace which is focused on serving the Black Community.

This Platform was created by Black Startups Inc. which is funded under the Government of Canada Black Entrepreneurship Program by CIBC, laying the foundation to grow large, vibrant businesses within the Black Community.




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