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Alaffia Alaffia Africa`s Secret Skin Cream, Multipurpose, 2 Ounce, 2 ounces

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About this item A USEFUL SECRET: Wonderful for dry skin, environmental protection, as a night cream, lip balm, and treating scars and skin blemishes PURE & SIMPLE: Contains only shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, African wild honey, neem oil, baobab oil, sesame oil, royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis PURITY PROMISE: Gluten free and beegan, without parabens, sulfates, or dyes GIVE BACK: Your Alaffia purchase funds empowerment projects helping to break the cycle of poverty FAIR TRADE: Alaffia has committed to sourcing Certified Fair Trade ingredients

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Alaffia Alaffia Africa`s Secret Skin Cream, Multipurpose, 2 Ounce, 2 ounces

Alaffia Alaffia Africa`s Secret Skin Cream, Multipurpose, 2 Ounce, 2 ounces

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‎3.57 x 6.11 x 11.95 cm; 57 g




‎53131607 (Hand or body lotion or oil)

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#112,585 in Beauty & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #992 in Body Creams

10 reviews for Alaffia Alaffia Africa`s Secret Skin Cream, Multipurpose, 2 Ounce, 2 ounces

  1. Wendy

    This stuff is my go-to healing salve that works on just about everything! I do not like to be without it!

  2. hoo haa

    This is uniquely amazing for my hair. I have hair that under some circumstances is straight and limp, but at the beach for example it can be full and curly and fabulous. I have tried sea salt sprays and all manner of products and devices to make my hair do it’s beach thing where I live, inland, but nothing ever did it. I prefer not to have a highly-coiffed look (and also not to spend a bunch of time grooming). This product is the answer for me. I found it by googling “Alaffia hair” (because I like the brand), and I saw some people use this in their hair even though it isn’t really for hair and Alaffia carries several hair styling products. I figured I could use it on my face if it didn’t work for my hair. It took me a couple weeks to figure out how to get good results with it but I sure did! My husband unfortunately does not tend to compliment my appearance, but since I started using this several months ago, he is constantly telling me how much he loves my hair. After each time I shower and wash my hair, I moisturize my face with this, then I rub my hands over my neck, chest, and shoulders to get as much of it off as I can without washing it off, and THEN I run by hands through my damp hair. I allow my hair to dry naturally, and it becomes curly and full and freaking gorgeous. My sister asked what I was doing differently too and now she is using it as well, and it does the exact same thing for her. And yes, it’s lovely on the skin as well. We all love the way it smells too, a light sesame smell.

  3. A. Jordan

    Has all natural ingredients you can actually pronounce. Its texture is more waxy than creamy. I needed a strong moisturizer to help keep my skin hydrated in dry and cold winter weather. The natural oil help hydration, the bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis also help nourish the skin and the beeswax acts like sealer. This product also helps fund to programs to support pollinators whose populations are rapidly diminishing due to pollution and climate change.The only thing negative observation I can make on this product is this(this goes for any product–everyone is allergic to something): If you are allergic to bees, make sure you spot test a small amount somewhere unnoticeable. If the spot test skin patch turns red don’t use it.Recent Edit On February 15, 2017: I was incredibly impressed yesterday when my skin started to feel dry under my makeup and I was able to put this product on. Not only did in blend with my makeup but it melted right through and kept my skin moist for the rest of the day while the make up stayed put.

  4. Christopher Guerrier

    My night and morning routine just got better. This stuff is amazing it leaves your skin very supple. Just be careful because it is a very heavy cream and if you put too much you’ll be a grease ball. I have combination skin oily in my tzone normal to dry every where else and this seems to be working great. It does smell a little strange but nothing you can’t deal with. I definitely think its worth the money I’ve used other big name moisturizers and it doesn’t work no matter what.

  5. Zebbra Corbin

    I use this at night as a face moisturizer and it works great for me. I have dry skin; this goes on a little greasy which is why I use it at night to absorb into my skin. In the morning my face is nice and soft. I wash in the morning and use a day moisturizer which works fine for me. I have only used Africa’s Secret on my face long enough to see that it does make a difference in my dry skin, but if it claims to work any other miracles I can’t comment on that simply because I don’t think I have used it long enough. I will continue to use it because I love the way my face feels in the morning after using this at night.

  6. K. Wright

    I have had a rough time with moisturizers and face creams but this product works extremely well! Before finding this product I was using a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it, in the morning and at night, because it was the only moisturizing cream I could find that wouldn’t cause me to break out. I wanted to find something that was less harsh on the skin to use along with this and decided to go with Africa’s Secret because I’ve great luck with Alaffia’s other products. I use my salicylic acid moisturizer in the morning and Africa’s Secret at night and have yet to have a single broke out from this product and my skin looks healthy and great.

  7. Stacey Drake

    I’ve tried many “natural products” and created my own, but I’m now totally committed to Alaffia. I can’t imagine using a different product after my experience! I’ve had dark spots under my chin due to menopause and hair removal techniques and dry skin, let’s just say I’m not embarrassed anymore!!! The products are like a miracle. I have my 19 year old daughter using this product after she realized the benefits of a natural product versus the high priced chemical ingredient ones. And my son has started using it and his acne has started to go away!!! ‘Tis a family regiment now!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!,

  8. Bagitup

    Haven’t used the product very long but i can say that I have somewhat sensitive skin…meaning my pores get clogged super easy, but my skin can take some pretty strong treatments. This did not clog my pores and in fact cleared some puffiness and irritation I experienced from a retinol product. It is thick and leaves the skin very smooth. I don’t use in the day time because it is pretty heavy but with the ingredients I anticipate that it will fade discoloration that I have and even out my tone. I will update when that happens. However, I do use some other awesome products, so it will be a joint effort.

  9. Latasha

    Been using only for a few days and I already like the way my skin feels afterwards! I use it on my face hoping that it’ll help clear up my acne and acne scars that I have. As of now it’s too early to tell but I will update if any changes are noticed.Just alittle update:I love this stuff, it’s been about 2 months since I brought, and it’s been so good to skin. I can see that my dark spots are clearing up and my skin just looks healthier and has a more natural glow to it (even when not using it) lol well worth buying!!!

  10. Anonymoose

    Love this cream. I use it on my face, especially under my eyes at night, and it leaves them so moisturized and smooth by morning. Even though there’s a little coconut oil in it and I have acne prone skin, I have not had any problems with it breaking me out. Also great for any other dry patches. It has a wonderful natural nutty scent to it. A little goes a long way.

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Alaffia Alaffia Africa`s Secret Skin Cream, Multipurpose, 2 Ounce, 2 ounces

$32.00 Exclusive of taxes
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