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Alaffia everyday Body care shea Body Wash Lavender, 32 Ounce, 32 ounces

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About this item 100% fair trade: feel good about how you are getting your products with 100% certified fair trade ingredients Pure, natural bouquet of ingredients: our everyday shea body wash is a blend of aqueous neem leaf extract, traditional shea butter Soap, and mild plant based surfactants Cleansing without stripping: ingredients form a natural body wash that foams well and cleans completely without stripping skin’s natural oils Natural Fragrance: scented with pure lavender (Lavendula Grosso) essential oil from FRANCE EQUALITY- EMPOWERMENT- BEAUTY: All sales of Alaffia products contribute to empowerment projects to help break the cycle of poverty in Togo.

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Product Description

everyday shea body wash lavender 1everyday shea body wash lavender 1
everyday shea body wash lavender - 2everyday shea body wash lavender - 2

everyday shea body wash lavender - 3everyday shea body wash lavender - 3

everyday shea body wash lavender - 4everyday shea body wash lavender - 4

everyday shea body wash lavender - 5everyday shea body wash lavender - 5

Cleanse & Nourish Skin

Made with shea butter and coconut oil to cleanse and hydrate skin

Certified Fair Trade

Ingredients sourced from our fair trade cooperatives

Suitable for all skin types

Our gentle but effective formulas are suitable for all skin types

Everyday shea body wash lavender - 6Everyday shea body wash lavender - 6
Everyday shea body wash lavender 7Everyday shea body wash lavender 7

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‎SEATTLE, WA, 98107 US

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‎8.89 x 8.89 x 23.11 cm; 952.54 g




‎53131600 (Bath and body)

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#19,977 in Beauty & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #293 in Bath & Shower Gels

10 reviews for Alaffia everyday Body care shea Body Wash Lavender, 32 Ounce, 32 ounces

  1. Sharon McNulty

    Arrived quickly great product

  2. juki

    Love this body wash! I got sensitive skin other body washes drie out my skin and make it itchy. This one doesn’t! and isn’t harsh! I can absolutely recommend it?

  3. Royer

    Here’s how I came upon Alaffia. Honestly, it was the distinctive graphic design on the bottle. Then the sale price at Whole Foods in a big bottle of shampoo. Bought the 32oz bottle of coconut shampoo at Whole Foods. Didn’t work out for my hair and wasn’t too hot on the fragrance. Instead of tossing the bottle, I started using the remaining shampoo as a body wash. I started to notice some big differences in my skin within a few days…no more dry skin, dry feet, or body breakouts from acne. All of this a big deal since I have very sensitive and reactive skin.Decided to buy the lavender body wash to try. I bought the kids lemon/lavender 16oz bottle and used the entire thing up. I LOVED IT. Ultra moisturizing, clears up body acne, and smells great. No lingering fragrance on the skin but makes your bathroom smell like a natural spa or a Aveda salon. Also, fights and neutralizes the funk. We have three men in our house from 17 years old to 52 years old, so we know funk. I feel good knowing that my 17 year old is using a product that naturally treats his teenage funk.But the big shocker to me with the body wash was this…the main ingredient is Neem. If Neem is new to you, do some research on it. I learned all about it from a botanical tour years ago at ECHO in Fort Myers, Florida. I actually bought three Neems plants from their plant nursery after the tour because I was so astounded with the power of the plant; used all over the world, and used especially in developing/third world countries for medicinal purposes where medical care is slim to none.I could go on and on… instead do some light internet research in your own if you’re on the fence with this. You’ll be amazed what Neem can do and even more amazed that you have a 16oz/32oz (depending on the size you buy) bottle of it for a little over $10.(In my opinion, The quality of the main ingredient and the price are reason enough to buy…hands down. Check out other neem based products being sold at Whole Foods and you’ll find they are all triple or quadruple the cost.)Second reason to believe & buy: the company, what they stand for, fair trade, and the empowerment of women. Supporting rural African communities and made by those communities under strict ethical stands for quality of living and wage.I feel good knowing that I’m using a “clean” (purity of ingredients) product that is produced ethically and which supports its workforceBuy it. Try it. You’ll buy it again.

  4. Laniecia Moore

    Packing was great. No mess.Lathering was alot but I didn’t add alot.It light on clean but cleans deep. I felt refreshing and skin felt truly clean, no oily residue like from other products. I partnered with the lotion, I already used, and it was great. Especially for this summer and the heat🥵.I get hot flashes and it actually reduced my sweating. It moisturize the skin, but not greasy. Best for oily skin. I love it. I will use on me and my baby. Will buy again.

  5. BG Family

    I received this body wash from my husband and it smells great! I love it.

  6. Tifanny Burks

    Lately this product has become a staple for me. High quality ingredients & supports great causes on the African continent. I especially love when it’s on sale or there is a deal!

  7. Heavenly

    Well if you mix the smell of a nursing home combined with the gentle aroma of a hospital cafeteria dining tray this is what you will have. I guess it’s mosituring but the odor is different. I like to just say it’s natural. It’s not giving sweet pleasant lavender but more so freshly picked safari pastures , a lavender that maybe a lion had just laid upon after being rained on for hours. Yes its fresssssh. Anyway I’d continue to support because well, it goes great with my African scrub cloth 🙂

  8. Leah JohnsonLeah Johnson

    This is my favorite body wash to use because it’s made up of only plant and food ingredients rather than man-made toxic chemicals that dry out the skin, it has a fresh clean scent, it hydrates my skin very well and leaves a light soapy scent on it that lasts the entire day, and lavender is an excellent anti-aging antioxidant ingredient. It doesn’t clog pores so I haven’t had any breakouts at all. I’ve been using this product for several months and my skin is BEAUTIFUL. My complaint is not with the product, as I won’t use anything else. My complaint is how it was packaged. Here are some pictures that you can see for yourself what I mean. I rate this product 5++ stars but rate the packing and delivery service 1 star. In the future, please make sure the pump is screwed on very tightly so that the soap doesn’t leak out on the inside of the plastic and make sure to package the bottle in plenty of bubble wrap inside of the box to prevent any damage from happening during its shipping process. Thank you.

  9. Nate Andersen

    As someone with pretty regular breakouts with body acne, and also somehow having eczema simultaneously, it is pretty difficult to find skincare products that work well, and also don’t break my budget. This product has been by far the best value and the quality in how I feel is comparable to Aveda. The scent is very relaxing yet not overpowering, and the lather is great for not containing the normal sulfates. My acne is significantly lower now, and my skin overall feels supple and has more consistent coloration. I use this product in conjunction with the brand’s everyday shea unscented body lotion for normal to very dry skin, and they work incredibly well together. Would definitely recommend this product. The price for 32oz feels like a steal, and the company has values that align with mine.

  10. SparkymfgSparkymfg

    You know how frustrating it is that you order shampoo, body wash, etc., only to receive it and it has leaked because of shipping damage. Well you will not experience that issue with this product shipped by NetRush. This was the best packaged body wash I have ever received. In addition, it had the expiration date very clear on exterior packaging so you know you are not getting an expired product. I was looking for a body wash that both my husband and I could use. The scent is nice but not overpowering. It lathers well but not super sudsy. I use a body scrub and one squirt is good for a full body wash, but hubby uses 2-3. Also the pump is heavy duty. With the size of the bottle it will last a long time. My skin feels clean afterward and not dry, but not super moisturized but I didn’t really expect that. I found my new go to body wash and will try their other products based on my experience with their body wash.

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Alaffia everyday Body care shea Body Wash Lavender, 32 Ounce, 32 ounces

$35.00 Exclusive of taxes
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