Alaffia – Everyday Shea Bubble Bath, Babies and Kids

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About this item EVERYDAY USE: Gentle and ideal for all skin types, especially baby’s sensitive skin SHEA BUTTER: Nourishing, unrefined shea softens and protects the skin GIVE BACK: Your Alaffia purchase funds empowerment projects helping to break the cycle of poverty FAIR TRADE: Alaffia has committed to sourcing 100% Certified Fair Trade Ingredients PURITY PROMISE: Gluten free and vegan, without parabens, sulfates, or dyes

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‎Gluten Free,Without Parabens

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‎Shea Butter

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‎20.32 x 8.89 x 8.89 cm; 907.18 g




‎53131600 (Bath and body)

50 reviews for Alaffia - Everyday Shea Bubble Bath, Babies and Kids

  1. Rachel

    Sufficiently bubbly and super moisturizing

    I was sent on a search by my husband to find a bubble bath that “bubbled’ more, but while still trying to keep the all natural products that was sensitive for my daughter’s skin (3YO) who we have battled with eczema rashes since she was born. Came across this with many positive reviews and decided to give it a try. It just arrived this weekend and we have used it on both my daughter and myself.For both baths I used two capfuls, run under the faucet and found there to be sufficient bubbles. In fact, for my daughter who decided to take a “shorter” bath there was a lot of bubbles remaining once she was complete. I soaked for just over half an hour and the bubbles lasted for most of that time.In terms of moisturizing this performed better than I expected. No matter what bath I’ve used to date my daughter always leaves the bath with dry patches of skin, am happy to announce that I could find none, even in her worse spots! For myself, currently 24 weeks pregnant I also found my skin to be moisturized after the bath. In fact my feet, which have greatly suffered and have been super dry, almost looked normal for the first time my entire pregnancy. I might just use this for a foot soak in between soaks for myself! Excited for spring to come now.In terms of scent, I read that others felt the scent was not very strong, or wished it to be stronger. I disagree, it almost smelled a little strong to me, at least in the beginning, but overall pleasant.Overall, I plan to continue to use this product with such fantastic results. I thought my poor daughter was doomed to dry skin her whole life and am happy to find something that does not dry her out (even when compared against Eczema specific products we have tried for her).

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  2. Denise

    Sooo many bubbles!

    This bubble bath makes the BEST bubbles! They are thick and don’t just disappear after you move around in the bath. They smell nice, not overwhelming, and because you don’t need to use a lot at once, the bottle will last forever.

  3. Jenn

    Long lasting bubbles

    I bought this Alaffia bubble bath over the summer after I heard about lavender possibly being a deterrent for mosquitoes. We live in a very damp state with lots of mosquitoes in the summer time and I wanted my kids to be safely protected. I found this at Target and decided to give it a try. The combinations of ingredients did indeed seem to work as a mosquito repellent as my kids did not end up with mosquito bites after the started taking baths in this. We ran out a month or so ago and I thought that there was no need to get another bottle because mosquito season was over. I was so wrong. The mosquitoes are still here and my poor children were getting bitten again. The price for this at Target is quite steep so I decided to order from Amazon. We will not be without this bubble bath again!Besides the fact that this smells amazing and it warding off mosquitoes from biting my children, the bubbles last an incredibly long time. I find that a cap full creates huge bubbles and that the bubbles are still there when it’s time for the kids to get out of the bath. I appreciate that as some of the bubble bath I buy for myself does not last the entire time of my bath. The scent is not too overwhelming either. It is subtle. My toddler has sensitive skin and has not had any problems using this bubble bath either.

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  4. Casper Boutens

    Bubbles galore!

    I used this for my kids bath time and the bubbles are incredible! You only need a tiny bit too for a tub full of them. What I love about this product is it’s clean label verified by the EWG. I feel good knowing my kids are bathing in a clean product without all the harmful chemicals and dyes, ect. The lavender smell is heavenly also. Would definitely purchase again!

  5. J Browning

    Super suds!!

    This bubble bath is awesome!! My son has sensitive skin BUT loves a good bubble bath and this stuff is great. They bubble almost immediately with just a small amount added to the bath and the bubbles really last compared the the others I have tried. I transferred into a smaller bottle for daily use but will keep re-filling with this stuff!

  6. Kindle Customer

    Great product

    Works well on my sensitive toddlers skin. The smell isn’t too overbearing and it makes great bubbles for bath time

  7. Katelyn & Zach

    Little boy loves it!

    HUGE BOTTLE! This stuff will last you! There is no need to put a lot in (unless you are wanting ridiculous amount of bubbles). My little one loves the smell and is excited to pour the bubbles.

  8. Lacy Dumas

    Pretty good product

    My kids love bubbles and boy does this make bubbles. It was great for night time baths and really smelled good. Just don’t use to much. You’ll have bubbles for days.

  9. Katie G

    Best bubble bath by far

    Love this bubble bath! My son has sensitive skin and I don’t like to plunk him in a tub full of chemicals from products anyway. So I’m always looking for a more natural bubble bath that actually works (makes lots of long lasting bubbles). This one does! And it doesn’t take much (about 3 small capfuls). That is by far the least amount I’ve ever had to use so this product lasts a loooong time. Love it!

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  10. JaneSays

    Lots of bubbles + large bottle = awesome bubble bath!

    We have been using this bubble bath since September and I love this bubble bath for my sensitive-skinned kiddo. He has terrible eczema flare ups and this doesn’t seem to make it worse. A little goes a long way! Great scent as well. My one minor critique is that it is sticky if it dries to the outside of the bottle. It washes away easily, but if I let my kid pour it for the bath, I know I need to wash the bottle after. Gentle reminder to rinse your kid off with the shower after the bubble bath. I feel like that is just good common-sense, but you never know.

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  11. Vanessa

    A staple for bathtime

    Got this for my niece and nephew.. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a bubble bath that’s good for sensitive skin, smells good, and has bubbles that last.My normal method for bathtime is waiting until the bubbles have run out or for the water to go cold to take them out of the bath. I’ll just be waiting for the water to go cold from now on because these bubbles are VERY long lasting!The Lemon Lavender smells very nice and isn’t overpowering. Mainly just smells like Lavender but I’m not complaining.

  12. Marty

    Great product

    Love this bath soap.. it is not drying and fragrance is minimal as are the sud’s. Leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry.Sustainable product, produced by women.. it’s a win – win.

  13. Laura ValosinLaura Valosin

    So happy we found this!

    My child has eczema and we have been very weary of using scented products. The other bubble baths that fit that bill, didn’t do so well as far as making bubbles went. This has a light scent and creates awesome, long-lasting bubbles. So far, no issues with sensitive skin. Will update if that changes. The attached photo is 4 capfuls, per the instructions and we have very hard water. I love what the company stands for as well ♥️ Would definitely continue to buy and recommend to others!

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  14. Texana Jackson

    Purchased for my 1 yr old, its perfect

    I am really into softly scented products, but also allowing it to smell really good! I searched for this when looking for a bubble bath for my 13 mo old. This is perfect, bc babies skin takes a special kind of touch and also, the lavender is perfect for bed time.. its relaxing. Also, I don’t have to pour a ton to get the smell and “bubble” effect. I’d like to note that I still use a different soap to actually bathe her. Overall, I highly recommend this product! (I’m thinking about trying it out for myself sometime soon.)

  15. S. Loew

    best bubble bath I’ve found

    So often bubble bath bubbles up for 3-5 min and then dissipates. Not Alaffia. One of the big reasons I keep buying it is because it lasts and lasts. It will stay bubbly through a 30 min bath! I’ve never seen bubble bath do that. And you don’t have to use that much to get a tub-full of bubbles. It has a great fragrance too. and of course the price is unbelievable for the size bottle and the excellent quality you’re getting with this product. I don’t think you can beat it.

  16. Katie H

    How to get your child to take a bath in one easy step

    I read lots of reviews claiming that this worked well with very little and the bubble lasted a long time. Sure, I scoffed, its bubble bath, how great can it be?It’s amazing. I love the ‘monster guy’ taking a bath on the bottle. I love the scent. I used just a capful and had plenty of bubbles that last 20-30 minutes.I bought it for my kid but I plan on taking a bath in it myself.Excuse me, I now have to resume negotiations with my toddler about why she cannot take bubble baths twice daily.

  17. Shopper

    Repeat buyer

    This bubble bath creates less suds than Johnson and Johnson but more suds than California Baby. Since my kids are still young enough that they love the bubbles but often try to eat them I want a cleaner product at a reasonable price. This is it. There are better bubble products out there and there are cleaner products out there but the Alaffia is a compromise I feel good about on the budget and when a handful of bubbles ends up in the mouth. I buy the product regularly. The bottle lasts awhile if you are willing to agitate well for maximum bubbles rather than continuing to pour until you achieve desired bubbles.

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  18. C. Hall

    Nice, Natural Bubble Bath

    Good price, nice scent, bubbles as well as any natural bubble bath, kids enjoy it. We have been using various natural bubble baths for five plus years. I have found that you do use more of a natural bubble bath and that it works best if you turn the water on full blast and immediately begin pouring a thin stream of bubble bath into the running water to give it as much agitation as possible. We do bubble baths for our kids once or twice a month, and we have had this product for six months. I expect a couple of more months before we run out. We really like the corresponding shampoo we ordered at the same time. The shampoo has lasted and lasted very well and works for the sensitive skin that two of our children have.

  19. AnnaD

    Non toxic with REAL bubbles!

    It’s so hard to find a bubble bath that’s not terrible for your body and actually makes decent bubbles that last. I was pleasantly surprised by this brand! Not only the quality of the product but also the mission behind the company as well. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I could not believe how moisturized my skin felt after I dried off. Normally it feels tight and dry immediately. Very pleased! I will definitely be repurchasing this once we run out!

  20. Stephanie D

    Great bubble bath!

    We love these bubbles and will keep buying them! I use a capful of bubbles for our city water. I add the capful as the tub is filling and it makes many bubbles, 2 capfuls is way too much. My son has red hair and very sensitive skin. I do think the bubble bath is drying on my hands, but it does not upset his skin or his eczema, so that’s all that matters. I feel like you get a lot of bubble bath for your money. We don’t mind the scent at all.

  21. Danielle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    great product.

    Came as expected, great product.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Best bubble bath ever!

    Nothing else is like this on sensitive skin and I have tried many bubble baths in the past. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for with this product

  23. leslie dottololeslie dottolo

    Smells amazing

    I got a free sample of this in a baby registry bag and I loved it so much I ordered this massive jug! My newborn is too small for all the bubbles, so we gave it a try with my son who is 2 1/2 and he absolutely loves it! I personally don’t like the smell of lavender, but this is pleasantly light and doesn’t give me a headache. And surprisingly you don’t need a whole lot of it to make a tub full of bubbles.