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Alaffia Whipped Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, for Smooth, Soft Skin, Unscented 4 Oz

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About this item Africa`s Secret Coconut and Shea Unscented Cream, 11 Ounce Natural Organic ingredients

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Alaffia Whipped Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, for Smooth, Soft Skin, Unscented 4 Oz

Alaffia Whipped Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, for Smooth, Soft Skin, Unscented 4 Oz

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‎SEATTLE, WA, 98107 US

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‎31.5 x 11.68 x 12.45 cm; 113.4 g




‎53131607 (Hand or body lotion or oil)

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#21,576 in Beauty & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #68 in Body Butters

10 reviews for Alaffia Whipped Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, for Smooth, Soft Skin, Unscented 4 Oz

  1. Gen

    I’m really impressed with this product. I recently moved in with a housemate who gets migraines from most scents, so not only did I need a fragrance free product, but an unscented one too (not the same thing and sadly it’s hard to find products that are both). This was to replace my all-over body lotion for after my shower, and until I received it I had been using regular coconut oil. This product changed everything! I no longer miss my old fragranced lotions that I loved so much. This product is very thick (if you’ve used shea butter before you already know this) but because it’s whipped it’s easy to scoop out. I use a small spoon to help keep my finger germs out of the container, but fingers work just as well. I also like to warm it up before putting it on by placing it in a small bowl floating in my sink in some hot water while I shower. Using is this way is soooo luxurious. A little goes a long way, so it’s great value for the price in my opinion. I haven’t used it on my hair yet but my skin LOVES this. I also can’t get enough of the unscented scent, and look forward to opening the container just to get a whiff. While it has a distinct smell I still agree with the “unscented” description. The scent is the natural smells of shea and coconut, which ends up smelling like sugarless chocolate mixed with fresh soil and the musty smell of a library basement. It’s very calming and luckily is a very inoffensive odor and does not bother my housemate at all. I highly recommend this for people with scent and fragrance allergies in particular, as well as anyone looking to lock in hydration after their shower with a product that works well and should last a long time. I’ll be rebuying this over and over again! Thank you!!

  2. Amara

    Most moisturizing body cream I’ve used. It is kind of greasy but your skin will absorb it and leave your skin so soft and smooth.I don’t like that it’s not very easy to spread though. A little does go a long way but not without stretching your skin. It’s best to cover your entire hand in it and rub them together to warm and melt the cream then press into your skin to reduce stretching and pulling.The smell is kind of gross but it doesn’t last long after it’s absorbed. Not a deal breaker but worth mentioning.The fact it’s all natural and healthy makes it worth it.

  3. Catie

    I got this to help in healing my tattoo (was getting a full sleeve) and it worked better than I could expect. I added some to a bottle of vitamin e oil and it will be the only thing I ever use to heal my skin moving forward. I had a patch of dry skin on my arm that I could not get moisturized no matter what I did. Used some of this and it’s gone. Hasn’t returned, either. Truly incredible stuff.

  4. yvie

    my hair has improved SO MUCH since using this product. i use this for every wash. for my wash and go’s it is the final layer before applying eco styler gel and for “straight” styles, is the last layer before air drying and styling (mostly in a bun or ponytail). plus i find i don’t need edge control. win!4a, S and O curls, low porosity

  5. Alicia Pena

    THis is such a fantastic moisturizer! Such simple and powerful ingredients- really does the trick! I tend to deal a lot with chemical sensitivities, so the things I use have to be very pure ( No fragrance, no chemicals, nothing harsh or harmful or artificial). THis moisturizer is SPECTACULAR and i’ve given this out as gifts! My boyfriend goes to Burning Man every year (me too) and he uses this on his hands to keep them from cracking in the desert (he’s working all day, filming). This moisturizer makes your skin (and hair) SO SOFT! LOVE this stuff!

  6. LC

    I got the unscented because I am sensitive to fragrance, and it smells very earthy. Maybe I am not used to the shea butter smell, but it actually does not bother me, I like it, and is is very faint. It is very moisturizing and I got the whipped coconut and shea because I do not have time or patience to melt it and all that. It is thick but easy to apply, and a little goes a long way.

  7. anniewilde

    Works on dry, eczema prone, over-washed–and you all know what I’m talking about–skin like magic. I’m a life long eczema sufferer, and I’ve tried countless creams, lotions, etc. I’m willing to spare no expense. This simple product–the “unscented” version–is amazing. I’ve also found it to be really great on my hair, but my main use for it is on my dry hands. It’s really soothing, too. Love it.

  8. Roberto Zozaya O

    Para las manos

  9. Dr. Christine Nwoha

    Why is my skin so soft and moisturized? This product. I have no qualms yet and I have been using for 2-3 years now. Helped even during my third pregnancy and I have hardly any stretch marks and my skin is nice and tight. Possibly genetics, but I’m a believer nonetheless.

  10. JWB

    I like the contents now state 4oz instead of 11oz (same size jar). I really like this product. I use it to put on my feet at night, keeps my feet soft, and since I’m 83 that’s not an easy task! The cream does get on the sheets, but comes out in the wash just fine.

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Alaffia Whipped Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, for Smooth, Soft Skin, Unscented 4 Oz

$29.00 Exclusive of taxes
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