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We are a small black owned business that makes home made soy candles and organic soaps, located in Oshawa Canada.


We create authentic Caribbean foods that bring you the best of the Caribbean, right in your home!


We provide gifts for all the special occasions and people in your life.

Tonya Johnson

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Oprah says this premium, gourmet,  decadent chocolate is “not to be missed”!

One More Cocoa was endorsed by Oprah in her “Oprah’s Favorite Things” List of 2023. This was the only Canadian company that received an endorsement that year.

Jamaican-born Kenesha Lewis, the owner of One More Cocoa, was inspired by the Jamaican saying: “One One Cocoa Full Basket,” for the naming of her brand.

The saying encourages persistent efforts which leads to incremental growth and the eventual achievement of goals.


Jus’ Meats for affordability without sacrificing quality, only on Choose the easy-pay option and pay over 4 installments without interest.


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